August 27, 2022

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Heating Up The Capital 2022









(Schedule subject to change)

10:00 am

Doors Open

11:00 am

YOW! Hot Sauce Awards Presentation.  Who will win the King of Sauces! for best sauce in Canada!!

12 Noon

StrangeorDanger Thrill Show!  Do not try this at home!

1:00 pm

Heating up the Capital Pepper Eating Challenge! Challenge yourself to see how far you can go for bragging rights!!    Sponsored by and peppers provided by Sorry Sauce and The Garden of Apologies

2:00 pm

Take on the World’s Hottest Corn Chips!! IF YOU DARE!! Speed eating of 50 gm of explosive heat. More info on the chips at The Chili Seed Bank. Sponsored by The Hot Sauce Co

3:00 pm

Who has the best Pepper Tattoo?? Show your body art (pepper related) at the Expo and a panel of judges will pick the favourite!

4:00 pm

Extreme Chili Alliance Belt Match!!   $500 cash prize! Sponsored by The Hot Sauce Co

Peppers donated by Sorry Sauce and the Garden of Apologies.

6:00 pm

Doors Close

Taking Over the World with Hot Sauce!