September 14, 2024

10am - 6pm

Heating Up The Capital 2024









(Here’s what you need to know!)

Can we buy tickets at the door?

Yes, tickets will also be available at the door pending capacity.

Can we get a refund on purchased tickets?

Unfortunately, no refunds.  But you can gift the tickets to a friend!

Are samples available?

Lots of FREE tastings from  the hot sauce vendors.

How do I sample hundreds of hot sauces??

Go in with a plan.  Do you want to sample everything with mangoes?  Are smokey sauces your fav? Do you LOVE Ghost Peppers?  Make a plan…your mouth and your stomach will thank you!

What should I bring?

Bring a backpack or bag to carry all your hot sauce purchases. 

Are you selling adult refreshments?

Yes.   Show floor is fully licensed for alcohol.  Try out the Jalapeno beer! 

Where is the event located?

Shaw Centre, 55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa

Is there parking available?

Yes, lots of parking available for the day and on a bus route too!!  Plus Uber will be available in case you enjoy too many adult beverages.

Will food be available to purchase?

Yes, we have food to please every palate.  And  ice cream too!

How do I register for an eating competition?

You need to register at the Heating up the Capital booth at least 30 minutes before the contest. No charge to compete. Spaces are limited.

Will the hot sauce vendors be selling hot sauce?

Yes!!  Most vendors will be accepting credit/debit card purchases, but bring cash just in case.  .

Is the event wheelchair accessible?


What if I don’t like hot sauce??

Come for the drinks, beer, food and entertainment!!  Watch your friends test their limits!!!

Are pets allowed at the Expo?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed unless they are service animals and marked as such.

Taking Over the World with Hot Sauce!