September 14, 2024

10am - 6pm

Heating Up The Capital 2024










Who will be the 2024 winner of the Extreme Chili Alliance World Belt!?!?

The Extreme Chili Alliance was created to recognize people that partake in pure Chili eating competitions.    The belt match consists of competitors eating increasingly spicy Ontario grown peppers.  The peppers will keep coming until there is only one person left. No speed round and no sauces.

At Heating up the Capital 2, five competitors started by eating 13 rounds of peppers. At the end of those 13 rounds, four competitors were left and started eating super-hots in a sudden death round.

One by one, the competitors tapped out until 473 grams were eaten by the winner!!    The Extreme Chili Alliance Belt was awarded for the first time to Mike Jack of London, ON.  Mike has the belt in his possession for one year and also received a cash prize and a trophy to keep. 

Heating up the Capital 3 saw Mike Jack defending his title against 3 other brave souls.  Shane “Viking Heat” Hammond and Aaron “Monster Heat”  Jewels competed against Mike in previous competitions plus an up and coming chili head, Mike Bastien !! Mike Jack won but was pushed by his competitors!!

 The belt remains property of Heating up the Capital and Extreme Chili Alliance and will be returned when the next competition takes place.  This will be at the fourth annual Heating up the Capital.  Will Mike be back to defend his title!??

 Future plans are to have regional matches across Canada and the rest of the world with the winners coming to Heating up the Capital in Ottawa, ON to compete for the ECA Belt.

Think you have what it takes to win the ECA World Belt?  Pre-register today at and start training NOW!


The belt was donated by an anonymous benefactor in 2022.