Andréja 'Spicefox' Petja

Andréja is definitely not new to the hot food eating challenges. She is currently ranked 65th in the League of Fire. She has chosen Heating up the Capital as her venue to make a return to the hot pepper eating competitions after a sabbatical. As the winner of the first Heatwave Pepper Eating competition in London (ON) in 2018, she is certainly a worthy contestant.  She should not be underestimated.

Greg Frank Marcus

Greg’s first League Of Fire challenge was a Johnny Scoville Tube Of Terror in February of 2020, which he successfully completed. Since then Greg has crushed 25 more official challenges including The Nemesis bar, The Killer Queen Chug Challenge and the Death Nut 3.0 bringing him to a total of 146 points.  This puts Greg currently at 26th place in the World.

James Kloepper

James Kloepper from Calgary, Alberta had his first spicy food in August 2020 when he tried a Jalapeno for the first time.  He is currently #1 in the League Of Fire and leads by 1000 points at time of writing.

James also holds 4 current records for different challenges within the League of Fire. 

And this spicy eating challenger also has the current lead in Pure Insane Society, another chili league with some extreme challenges. 

Kenny Lamoureux

Kenny Lamoureux, from Montreal, Quebec, is a 3 times National Champion Boxer. Kenny made a few wrong decisions but has now been sober for 5 years. One year ago, he discovered he loved spicy food eating challenges and is currently #2 in The League Of Fire. Kenny does challenges like he does everything else… give it ALL or NOTHING and can’t wait to compete in his first Chili Eating Competition!!

Mike Jack

Mike Jack from London, Ontario holds 8 Guinness World Records for speed-eating; four of which are for eating super-hot chilli peppers!

Mike represented Canada in The World Championship of Chilli Eating as seen on the Netflix series “We Are The Champions”.

And that is just the start!!  Mike has done some of the spiciest challenges imaginable on his YouTube Channel “’Mike Jack Eats Heat’ including eating 56 Carolina Reaper peppers and 54 Paqui One Chip Challenge chips. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to get a feel for his abilities!!!

Robin Dunbar

Robin Dunbar has decided to throw his hat into the pepper eating ring!!! This bus driving washed up skateboarder is starting new age-appropriate thrills. Robin has always loved all things hot, and pushing new limits in the pepper community seems a great fit for him. Let support the underdog!!

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